Ethical sourcing

Ms Allure is an Australian company with a worldwide supply chain. We strive to be a responsible corporation in the communities in which we, and our suppliers do business. Ms Allure holds a commitment to supporting sustainable, socially responsible, and moral practices.

We are committed to align ourselves with suppliers who also work to support this commitment. Ms Allure has had a Supplier Code of Conduct that has guided our selection of suppliers and our approach to ethical sourcing. We ensure that our suppliers commit to our Code of Conduct regarding their own supply chain practices. This includes certifications of their facilities, certification of all naturally sourced materials, and origins of all products and materials used in our jewelry. Ms Allure will seek to promote ethical and responsible trading by sourcing products from suppliers who align with Ms Allure’s Code of Conduct and can therefore demonstrate that:

• Employment in their workplace is freely chosen

• Working conditions are safe and hygienic

• Child labor is not used

• Fair wages are paid

• Working hours are not excessive

• No discrimination, harassment or harsh/ inhumane treatment is practiced or allowed