Charm collection

The Ms Allure touch

  • Curation

    With over 15 years of experience within the jewellery industry, our team have an eye for pieces our customers love. We strive to ensure that every piece makes you stand out from the crowd.

  • Quality

    All of our suppliers go through a strict sampling process to ensure that the jewellery and accessories we receive are hypoallergenic, true to size and made of the highest quality metals, leathers and semi-precious stones.

  • Flexibility

    The Ms Allure team understands jewellery, and with that we also understand that customers have specific requirements when placing orders or wanting certain types of pieces. We are here to listed and work with our customers and Ambassadors to ensure we are satisfied.

  • Community

    As a family business, building a strong and supportive community that gives back to our customers and Ambassadors is important to us. We strive to get everyone involved, either through our livestreams, our regular events or our monthly 'Pay it Forward' fundraiser in which we raise and donate money for people needing that extra help in our community.